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The Ribordy & Wenger law firm has a centuries-old tradition as a notary and barrister and looks forward to welcoming you to its premises in Martigny.

The Law firm Ribordy & Wenger informs you that the consultation of this website can in no way replace a private meeting with a lawyer, who is the only person able to provide a precise solution to a given legal problem.

It declines henceforth all responsibility for the use of this website and its content. It also draws your attention to the fact that all documents made available, directly or via links, are subject to change at any time.

The Law firm Ribordy & Wenger also draws your attention to the fact that electronic mails can be intercepted, modified, or read by non-authorised people.  Therefore, it recommends you use ordinary mail for all confidential information. However, and unless you indicate otherwise, it considers that if you use emails, you agree to the use of this mean of communication.

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